Wet Cleaning

Professional Wet-Cleaning Service for all your garments

FAQ - Professional Wet Cleaning
What is wet cleaning?

Professional wet-cleaning is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning. It is a solvent-free method to care for garments. We  use specialized equipment to safely clean in water those garments previously cleaned in chemical solvents. Did you know? Dry cleaning actually saturates your garments in a chemical solvent to get your clothing cleaned?

Why should I use the Wet-Cleaning method?

Wet cleaning is better for the environment and better for your health. It is safe for you, your family, pets and the Earth. There is no chemical smell from off gassing dry cleaning solvents. Wet cleaning produces whiter whites and is often more effective in removing water-based stains.

What are the environmental effects of wet-cleaning?

Wet-cleaning does not require hazardous chemicals to get your garments cleaned, avoiding environmental harm to the water,, air and soil. With the exception of increased use of water(dry cleaning uses chemical solvents in place of water), wet cleaning is simply a better alternative for the environment than dry cleaning. The wet-cleaning process is not a significant concern to wastewater treatment officials. The EPA has indicated Wet-Cleaning is an ideal choice when it comes to garment cleaning.

Does it cost more than dry cleaning?

First we ask. What is it worth to keep our planet healthy? To keep your family away from hazardous chemicals? Wet-cleaning is generally comparably priced to dry cleaning. Wet-cleaning requires increased labor costs but reduced expenses for chemicals and chemical disposal. It has shown the more people move away from dry cleaning to wet-cleaning the demand increases thereby the economies of scale will shift to bring about even lower prices in the future. Thing green, think healthy, think Wet-Cleaning

Can all my clothing be cleaned by using the Wet-Cleaning?

Clothes that can be wet-cleaned include wools, cottons,, silks, suedes and even leather. Wet cleaning can also be suitable for fragile garments such as beaded and sequined fabrics